Inspiring and enabling
transformational climate action…

brand positioning & story
key messaging & content planning
website optimisation
marketing plan

If ever there was a time to kick damaging practices contributing to climate change, it’s now. And that is exactly what Climate-KIC Australia are all about.

The goal? Manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable. As a catalyst for change, Climate-KIC connects the right partners – combining breakthrough innovation with deep demostration projects to enable transformation of systems at scale and speed.

Mangrove was invited on board as a short-term strategic communications consultant. Starting from complex theory and content we reshaped the conversation, transforming the strategic vision into a clear brand position and an engaging brand story, designed to connect with a more general audience. 

Then, we set up structures and processes to help the conversation unfold and mapped out a pathway for Climate-KIC to follow for the next 12 months. 

“After working through a strategy refresh, brand positioning, key messages, website optimisation and comprehensive marketing plan with Mangrove, we now have a clear story to tell to our Partners and marketing structures to help us grow. 

– Belinda Whelan – Director of Strategic Projects, Climate-KIC Australia