Time to man up to a mandle

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When we recently met with William & Emerson, down in the back shed, the result was a collection of candles you can really man up to.

Whether it’s the heady scent of caveman in leather, Owen McShane’s moonshine whiskey, or Grandadman’s pipe tobacco from the trenches that permeates through your man cave, these quality candles deliver plenty of crackle.

Even better, we’ve combined three essential man scents into the perfect man gift, packaged in a long wooden shaped cylinder designed to trigger the manly brain into thinking it’s a club. Yes! You’re right, it is a club… the Gentleman’s Club.

“Without Mangrove’s assistance, we never would have got the product to launch. With the ability to deliver expertise across multiple facets of the project they, quite simply, became an essential part of our team.”

– Nikki MacDonnell – Founder, Managing Director, William & Emerson